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Welcome to Watermark Fisheries


Specimen Fishing Undiluted...

The Watermark Specimen Fisheries in Gloucestershire offer the finest Carp, Tench, Pike & Perch fishing around. From the inland sea that is the famous Bradley's Fishery, with carp to 40lb+, to the intimate Little Horseshoe of four and a half acres, with it's large head of quality carp to 35lb+

For fantastic lakeside accommodation with your own private pool full of carp, tench roach and perch, try our "Divorce Free" fishing holidays at the following link...

"The Fishing Lodge"
A private lakeside lodge with its own fishing pool
with access to your choice of Watermarks Coarse or Game Fishery

American Pizza on 01285 655655 will deliver to our venues - either quote Gate 1 or Gate 2 Bradley's or Little Horseshoe at the end of Wildmoorway lane and they will deliver a range of great pizza and drinks - how great is that! Please make sure all litter is taken home!

Bradley's - Carp and Tench
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  • Day, 24 hour and season permits available
  • 114 acre day ticket lake. This is the largest day ticket carp fishery in the UK!
  • Stocks in excess of 2500 fish
  • Large population of tench into double figures
  • Tickets are available from the Tackle Den (01285 862716)

Andrew Nichols 41lb 4oz Bradley's

Martin Bowler and Bradley's Pike

Andrew Nichols 31lb 8oz Bradley's

Site security and safety

Water Safety
- Water & alcohol are a fatel combination, please do not do it.
- Swimming is not permitted in any water.
- No boats are to be used on any water.
- You must park in designated areas to allow access by emergency services.

Site Security
Please ensure that all equipment is close to where you are fishing. Please do not make it easy for any opportunist thief. In the event of any suspicious or anti social behavior please ring the fishery number and or indeed the police in any event. In the event of a non emergancy situation that requires assistance please ring 01285 862680 or site security on 07776 163150. Always dial 999 in an emergancy. The postcode GL7 5UZ will direct the emergancy services to Little Horseshoe Lake at Wildmoorway lane.

Little Horseshoe - Specimen Carp Fishery
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  • 4.5 Acres of day ticket heaven
  • Season runs 12 months of the year
  • 24 hour &  day tickets are available for Little Horseshoe. Tickets are available from the Tackle Den (01285 862716)

    Quality perch in Lake 6

    Little Horseshoe carp







The Pike Lakes
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  • 40 acres
  • Day, 24 hour and season permits available
  • Specimen Pike, Perch, Tench and Roach
  • This lake screams Pike!



Bradley's 38lb mirror

Bradley's Ghost


Bradley's Lake Tiger Fish is on the bank!

Phil Bury from Bolton has just caught the "Tiger Fish" @ 24lb 2oz. the fish looks to have spawned however is in great shape... see the gallery for a pic of one of the oldest fish in the country! Phil had a total of 18 carp in his 24 hour session...

Oliver Brown with a 9lb 3 oz June Tench from Bradley's

Bradley's is an awesome Tench Lake.

Many Tench exceed 8lb's as this brace weighing
17lbs demonstrates!


07799 242379



News & Blog

The latest fishing blog can be found on our Facebook site where you can upload your own pictures and comments. The blog on this page is now discontinued please access the new blog via the link below and checkout the Little Horseshoe videos !

Gallery pictures will now appear on the facebook site as this site is migrated.




Make it your New Years Resolution to visit the Wye & Usk foundation website cut and paste the following link into your browser http://www.wyeuskfoundation.org/ and sample the amazing fishing on the river Wye as the fish below demonstrate.......

23rd Jan
Another big pike reported at the weekend for lake 6 the pike lake at 28.5oz with abother at 13lbs update from Gary below.

alrite adrian had another biggie mate 28lb 5oz from lake 6 on trout dead bait popped up again mate with plenty of additive injected in. my own little mix ive made seems to be doin the biz also had a 13lber as well mate the lake is fishing really well see u soon mate see u soon mate gary

12th Jan
A further catch report has just come in for a 23lb and a 24lb brace of Pike from Lake 6 banked on the 30th Dec.

9th Jan
Regular angler Gary Allen caught the Watermarks biggest recorded pike on Sunday at 31lbs. A huge long lean fish in perfect condition. The fish caught from Lake 6 came to popped up Joey Mackerel off the marginal shelf. pic below

24th Dec
The Tackle Den is only closed on Christmas day during the holiday so day tickets will be availible throughout the holiday period so happy Christmas to you all.......

29th November
Today I have been given catch reports for Lake 6. A local angler has had two carp recently of 23lbs and 27lbs. This lake is very rich and rarely fished holding a stock of aprox 50 carp. The pike & perch are very active after the frost with fish stricking at the vast shoals of perch in all the lakes giving good sport for lure anglers.

21 November Newsflash
Bradley's has been producing some amazing fish for syndicate members. Carp Talk has recently published a 36 and 39 which broke the members PB twice on Bradley's. His fishing partner had just returned another common of again, - 39lbs this last Sunday when I arrived. The 36 and 39 were part of a nineteen fish catch overnight! All the photos are at the tackle Den and the Den has the low down on bait and tactics - they sell the bait in the shop and it is working wonders at the moment and yes its November!

11 Nov. We have been wood-chipping some of the swims at Little H this week and the mild weather has made it feel like spring....... Fish still moving around the lake and now is the time to catch a big one. In the winter you can buy 10 tickets and get a 10% discount on Little H which means you can come whenever you want without having to go to the Tackle Den first - you just have to date your tickets and post them through the office door when you have finished.

4 November. Bradley's still producing the runs in the mild conditions. The pike are now also switching on with Hills lake a great proposition for the pike angler with fish caught to 15lbs this week.

21 October. this last week saw Bradley's fishing extremely well with all anglers catching at the weekend including a brace of 36 and 39lbs common carp!!!!

14 Oct. Bradley's still producing the 30lb carp with fish to 38lbs recorded this week as well as multiple catches of 20lb+ fish. Geoff our head baliff landed 8 carp to 26lbs during a midweek stint from Little H with some lovely scaly carp.

We will be uploading the latest batch of photos of pics recieved over the next few weeks.

22nd. Sept the first of the big autumn commons has been caught at 36lbs on Bradley's this last week with two other 20lb fish landed by the same member during a 24 hour session. A great time of year on Bradley's when many of the bigger fish get caught….

Little H is on top form and fantastic at this time of year with the hot showers and anglers rest onsite.

16th Sept 11. Plenty of fish coming from Little H this week with fish to 34lbs. Now the holiday season is over its much peaceful at the lake and a great time to come and bag an Autumn PB like this.

Update from member 09 Sept 11

hi adrian.. the closure of bradleys on sun and monday forced me to fish little horseshoe for the first time... and what a pleasant experience it was... i set up monday afternoon and spotted fish moving throughout most of the afternoon.. fished for one night and landed 3 fish up to 24lb... nice heavily plated mirrors..thinking it may be a better prospect this winter regards graham...

Memo from the British Army

Hi Adrian
Just wanted to say many thanks on behave of the British Army for allowing us to use your lake, Bradleys at “extremely” short notice. It was an enormous gesture and we can only say our humble thanks. After Horseshoe & my decision not to hold the event there on Sun – Mon I had to find another venue rather rapid as I had guys travelling from all over the UK & Germany to attend what is our Carp festival week.

We had a great time at the venue although the weather was very windy, it did produce 6 x carp for us. With the winning team from Germany catching three fish of the point swim (17,17,12), two more for the UK team of the southern bank (by the first car park) (18,18) and finally a fish off bailiffs point (18).

We want to thank both your club and your members who were fishing but had to leave early on Sunday as I am sure it was an inconvenience to them but VERY much appreciated by all the soldiers attending.

Thank you and if I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheers Tim

TJ Gray
Army Carp Festival

*****Bradley's will be shut Sunday 4th Sept 1pm - Tuesday 6th September 2011pm - sorry for any inconvenience - members may fish Little Horseshoe during this period - please ring if you have any questions*****

29th August Bradley's. Lots of fish rolling in the sailing club bay and have been for a week or two! Some of the large commons have been seen in this area recently and they always get caught in this area in the autumn. If you have kids remember you can fish right next to Wood pool on Bradley's and they can fish Wood pool whilst you fish Bradley's. This is a really comfortable spot with a pick-nick bench. Remember you need to buy a ticket for Wood Pool if you do this.

Little Horseshoe is lovely at this time of the year when the leaves start to turn. With showers and toilets on site this is a great venue to bring your partner with parking close to the lake and intimate swims don't leave it to late this year!


18th August Sam Robinson landed a PB 9.5lb Tench and a 15lb Common Carp in a day session on Wood Pool this week. He fished the method tight to the large island. The lodge pool is fishing well with guests catching 30 fish + a day with tench to 6lbs and carp to low doubles. Bradley's producing some very large tench to doubles and a steady stream of carp.

12th August Bradley's is producing a steady stream of fish with lots of seed particles and boilies fished with the chod a reliable method. Zig rigs producing the odd fish if the fish are up in the water. Little Horshoe looking its best at this time of year with fish willing to feed in the margins. Even more important at this time of year to find some fish before setting up...... Wood pool producing good tench and the odd double figure carp.

5th August The fish have been feeding hard in the margins of Horseshoe so stealth and fish location ae key before setting your pitch. Dont forget to watch Little H on the Korda "Thinking Tackle" DVD or on Discovery Home and Leisure Channel to see how effective these tactics can be. Bradley's has slowed down during the warmer weather so the recent rain is welcome however upto five fish a night are being caught by syndicate members using heavy beds of seed particles and boilies.

22nd July Bradley's is proving to be a prolific fishery even when other waterpark waters are quiet. With an average depth of 12 feet and gravel silt and weed this venue is the ideal place to catch fish this summer. Fish to 30lbs+ are being banked each week with plenty of backup stock fish. Again as below you need plenty of bait to keep the fish on the go. We are recieving no complaints in regards to crayfish on this venue at this time thanks to our removal programme.

14th July Bradley's is continuing to fish well with carp feeding hard. Anglers catching all around the main lake with particles and boilies spodded to the clear spots. Multiple catches of carp to mid 20's have been the norm.... Plenty of room on this venue so come and fish amongst the wild flowers..... Remember you can drop your tackle to most swims at Bradley's and return your car to the car park.

Wood Pool at Bradley's has been producing some stunning fish. This small shallow pool reminiscent of a farm pond has produced Carp to 27lbs and Tench to over 8lbs. This pool is ideal for stalking or fishing on the top with good marginal cover.

The fish are on display on the top at Little Horseshoe and still reacting well to bigger beds of boilies. Try to find spots on the edge of the weed or silt beds.

5th July Last week was sensational in regards to carp landed. Little Horseshoe's 3 Scale was landed at 38lb, this fish is ever growing. Five fish over 26lbs were also recorded and the Sandy backed Mirror is showing and feeding aggressively in the shallows. This is a real lump and dwarfs all the other fish and as I write is tearing up the bottom in the shallows!!!! At the weekend two of our syndicate members had a 12 fish haul from Bradley's with fish to over 26lb landed. Steve Renyard had four fish in as many hours on Friday night fishing over plenty of particles with monster crab boilies. The weather is looking good for fishing this weekend so get out while the fish are feeding....

28th June Fish being steadily caught from Bradley's and Little Horseshoe this last week with Little Horseshoe recording several fish to 27lb's. The big common was reported hooked and lost. Carp to 22'b's were caught from Wood Pool by Sam Robinson and Geoff Simms reported a 9.5lb Tench from Bradley's as well as an upper double carp and one fish lost from Bradley's.

21st June The carping 4 cancer event was a great success on Bradley's at the weekend. Teams caught up to 9 carp each with the event raising over £11,000 for cancer charities. Bradley's is fishing very well as is Horseshoe. Some of the guys in the competition caught well at extreme range with pva bags. Tench to 11.5lbs were also landed. Last night fish were caught to 22lbs on Little H with plenty of boilies and the chod working well.

12th June the lake is in cracking form with today's welcome rain set to freshen things up for the week ahead. Remember Bradley's is closed this Friday Sat and Sunday so head to Little Horseshoe this weekend. There are plenty of private swims on this lovely lake to be enjoyed. Fish are being regularly caught with the chod and bolilie approach however some successes was had this weekend with a pva approach in the margins in the shallows - nothing big but satisfying for the angler concerned.

2nd June Nice email from Ben Howarth as below

Hi Adrian
I just finished a 3 day session on little horseshoe and can't believe how well the session went broke my pb twice .
I had six fish,4 Doubles,a 20lb 8oz mirror followed by another stunning mirror of 30lb 4oz mirror smashing my pb!!!i have attached some photos of the big one's. caught using pop ups over a big bed of boilies approx 65 yds.
I have also added a photo of one of the fish i caught from bradley's a couple weeks ago 18lb 10oz,Thanks for the advice and i am looking forward to getting back down at the end of the month,Great lakes. Ben

May 30th Full details to follow however, Little H fished well in the last 24hrs with one angler smashing his PB twice within an hour with 30lb 8oz and 27lb 4oz mirrors as well as four other upper doubles. The lake fished well all over again with fish up to 22lbs landed as well as some nice Tench. Chods and plenty of bait doing the business. Little Horseshoe seems to be fishing consistently well this season although the fish are not a walkover! The heavy rain today will do the world of good and I expect the fish to stay on the feed.

May 29th Conditions look perfect at Little Horsehoe with a nice color to the lake. Carp still showing all around the lake with a notable capture of an 8lb Tench yesterday that was absolutely black in color - an exceptional fish.

May 25th Lots of fish showing in Little H today sunbathing in the shallows. The big common is about as is the commons mate. The fish are sunbathing and moving into the main body of water to feed as they are in Bradley's which is encouraging for this weekend.

May 23rd Nice email below from Gary Williams with some useful information included.

Hi Adrian

Many thanks for your hospitality over this weekend with Mark. Mark has asked me to email pictures of the 27lb 10 oz mirror caught at 7am Sunday morning. I was fishing a leadclip system on a leader with a 6 inch hooklink size 10 wide gape hook with a bloodworm dumbbell tipped with plastic corn. I found a clear patch in the weed, put out 12 spods at 9pm Saturday night and lost a fish in the weed about 11pm. What a wonderful place to fish. 24 hours and a pb. Can’t wait to get on there again. I believe Mark and I are planning to return end of July but I am hoping to get there before then. Would I need to contact tackle den for availability? Thanks again for the weekend including the hangover on Saturday morning. Kindest regards Gary

May 22nd

Another flurry of fish on Little Horseshoe with Max Walkers group catching fish over 27lb using the chod over 5kg of pepperami boilies. The fish in Little H are moving all over the lake making swim choice easier.

May 21st

Its 11:30 Saturday morning and Little Horseshoe

has just produced a 27.5lbs mirror and a 16lb mirror in the last hour with another angler losing a fish. Tench and carp still coming from Bradley's however the carp are chasing and looking to spawn.

May 19th

Bradley's has consistently produced fish from the sailing club bay this last week. The fish are present in good numbers. They are liking a lot of bait with fruit/sweet flavor boilies working well... The chod is a great tactic but remember to find the fish as multiple catches are easily possible in the right areas.... Little H is looking idylic, again the chod has been top method fishing on the edge of the gravel patches just into the weed. The fish are responding to big beds of bait......

Little Horseshoe stunner...


May 14th

American Pizza on 01285 655655 will deliver to our venues - either quote Gate 1 or Gate 2 Bradley's or Little Horseshoe at the end of Wildmoorway lane and they will deliver a range of great pizza and drinks - how great is that! Please make sure all litter is taken home!

May 11 2011

One of our day ticket anglers caught a 24 lb mirror on Bradley's today as I was on my rounds. He saw fish rolling and moved straight onto them with instant results. Try to travel a little lighter on this venue so moving onto fish is more achievable mid session...

May 08 2011

Little Horseshoe hosted a charity event this last weekend in aid of guide dogs for the blind. Nige Sharp and friends attended catching some stunning fish to over 34lbs with some stunning commons amongst them. More details and pics to follow. The event raised over £1000 for this worthwhile charity.

May 06 2011

Yesterday a day ticket angler had a sensational Tench fishing session on Little Horseshoe using waggler and half a pint of red maggot. Eight Tench to 8.5lbs between 9am and 3:30 with no fish less than 5lbs!

Lots of carp showing close in on Bradley's in the last 24hrs they can be seen in the margins and they are certainly following the wind...

May 04 2011

This week Carpology have visited as part of the fantastic underwater features with Nigel Sharp in attendance. Look out for photos of carp poking there heads out in the next issue which Jo Wright was quick enough to snap!


Little Horseshoe is closed this weekend 6th 7th open again at lunchtime Sunday. Some key dates for Bradley's as follows: closed for Carping 4 Cancer event Friday 17th June through to Sunday 19th June 2011. Our friends the Tench Fishers have reserved the North Bank for Saturday 2nd July 2011.

May 2011

Bradleys and Little Horseshoe are fishing very well. During the bank holiday period 6 carp over 26lbs were caught at Little Horseshoe with fish to 32lb being landed. Multiple catches of fish on Bradleys have been commonplace with plenty of 30's coming out to complement the stock fish which have reached over 20lbs. Large beds of bolilies have produced the goods!


The ice has largely cleared on Bradley's and Hills and these waters should provide good pike fishing sport. Be mobile and try paternoster dead baits off the marginal shelf. The Tackle Den has large stocks of bait and tackle for pike fishing including roach, trout mackerel, smelt etc etc...and are very knowledgeable in regards to the fishing so ask for help when buying your tickets.

Bradley's has large comfortable swims and thick grassy banks, perfect during inclement weather.... come on, be brave and wet those lines!

We expect Little H to be clear this weekend but please ring for an update.



With the continuing warm water conditions Little H and Bradleys continue to respond to lots of bait. 2 for 1 deal now applies (14 October 2010) midweek on Bradleys only. Buy one 24 hour ticket get one free must be used consecutively.

Bradley's continues to respond fantastically well to big beds of bait through August and into September as two anglers can testify after recent record breaking sessions. 19 and 20 fish were landed respectively with stock fish now well over 20lb's!!!!!!!!!!!

This season the fish are reacting to big beds of baits on both Bradley's and Little Horseshoe. Fruit Baits are a winner so up your baiting campaign as anglers have expereanced some big catches of fish this season see a report from Wayne below

"This is Wayne, I fished Bradley's last month and caught around 40 carp. Many were only stockies of up to 17 pounds, but had one Bradley's Koi weighed in at 25 pounds.
I enclose the picture for the site if you would like it?"

"Will hopefully be down there again soon and on a regular basis if the misses don't mind!! - fish as below"

Summer 2010

Carp are starting to feature in Lake 6 "The Pike Lake" give it a try and report back.

Bradley's has woken 27-April 2010

With this years harsh winter a distant memory! The giant has finally woken! Bradley's is now producing multiple catches of carp as well as some huge tench. With the stock fish now averaging upper doubles there is no better time to pay us a visit. Steve Renyard below demonstrating the fine quality of Bradley's new stocks....


The Tackle Den triumphs in secret shopping article! Click here for the full review.

Catch Fish this winter like Watermarks favourite regular, the one and only Ken Ball with a 30lb 4 oz common well done Ken. Ken wins a free 48 hours on Little Horseshoe for this month's happiest angler in a photo competition.

Hills Lake now available on day & 24 hour tickets (4/11/10)

Hills Lake is now availible to fish on a day ticket or 24 hour ticket as well as Bradley's season tickets and Watermark Golden Scale Tickets and is transferable with Bradley's day or 24 hour tickets ( i.e. a Bradley's ticket covers Hills Lake) More details and opening times for Hills Lake are as follows Hills Lake (Lake 17) is adjacent to Bradley's (Lake 16) Access is via Bradley's gate 2 with parking available right next to the lake where toilet facilities are also provided. Stock levels are fairly unknown however, we know that a batch of relatively young fish have been stocked in recent years which in some cases are growing past mid thirties and stunning fish they are too! Original fish have been reported well in excess of 40lb's. This venue is ideal for the angler looking for the fish of a lifetime with its low stock and the potential of producing a very special fish. You will have seen large fish caught in the angling press with the location given as a "Large Southern Gravel Pit" that will have originated from Hills but suffice to say we have very little formal history of the lake. We would love to hear from anyone with catch reports and information.

Fishing operates 1st March to the 31st October 19:30pm - 8:30am and 24 hour fishing 1st November to 1st March


Before your visit please ring to check that your chosen venue is ice free - call the fishery number on 01285 862680.

Now that we have had the first frost! Visit Watermark and catch pike like Martin Bowler on Bradley's or the Pike Lake!

Special offer For AKAC Members (30/11/09)

Watermark Fisheries have introduced an offer for AKAC members whereby on production of an existing Full Season Permit (AKAC 09/10) you will be entitled to fish half price at Bradley's Fishery

This offer applies on day tickets & 24 hour tickets only. Additionally an offer of 20% discount will also be available for any AKAC member wishing to buy a season ticket for Bradley's.

This is a follow up to the offer made by Watermark to the club in regards to Lake 31 on the 14th August when we stated that "Watermark is quite happy to let those members who are genuine fisherman and prepared to conduct themselves appropriately fish the waters on Lake 31" - the full press release we made that day can be viewed at the Tackle Den. Although the offer we made could not be agreed at that time despite our best efforts, we now feel that it is important to demonstrate a gesture of goodwill to those anglers whose fishing has been affected by the actions of a handful of selfish individuals!

(Please note that camper vans are not allowed on site. This offer is available only from the Tackle Den and is valid until 10th March 2010 and all offers are subject to availability)

Posted 10/11/09 Now is the time to target Perch in Lake 6
"The Pike Lake" as "Hardy Grey's" Andy Charlton demonstrates with this brace of stunning fish caught using the "Drop Shot" technique.

Posted 9/11/09 Geoff Simms third thirty this season caught from Little Horseshoe at 33lbs 15oz.

29/9/09 During the last week fishing has been good on Bradley's with Carp reported to 35lb (Common) by a member with several thirties reported and plenty of stock fish being caught.... Prospects are v good for this weekend. Bubbling fish everywhere on Little H.


Dereck Wood 33lb 2 oz Common caught this October
from Bradley's - see both fish in news & views

Wood Pool Common 20lb's 5/10/09

30/9/09 Geoff Simmons has just caught a 33lb 14 oz common at 3:50pm 2nd fish (16lb common) of the trip - Bradley's fishing very well however some anglers experiencing hook pulls at the moment - some lumps lost at the net in the last couple of days............. photos to follow........ - now posted above!

23/9/09 Little Horseshoe is on fire at the moment latest catch Andy Howes who fished little Horseshoe last night catching 3 mirrors 27lb 8oz, 24lb 2oz & 22lb 3oz on his birthday - happy birthday Andy! - plenty of fish caught this week...

19/9/09 Angling Times Angling Journalists have fished Little Horseshoe twice in two weeks on two 24 hour sessions. The first visit resulted in 8 fish and the second a magnificent 29lb+ mirror - buy the paper and read about the sessions in the next couple of weeks or so....... Bradley's fishing well - a 25lb Koi caught last weekend! Pictures of all to follow.......

Steve Renyard fished Bradley's this September with his nephew Ryan Crouch (Pictured) resulting in this stunning photo!!!



Hi Adrian.

I have attached photos of the 37lb 1oz linear mirror that my mate caught at 2am on Wednesday morning 09/09/09.
Alan caught his PB of 21lb, only 4 days earlier on Friday the 4th.
Regards Mark Bie. (pic below)


36lb Mirror from Bradley's and note from Derek - Sept 09


Please find pics of first thirty from Bradleys. One of two fish i caught this weekend. This one was 36lb and the other was a mirror also of 16lb.

This has made all the nights worth it and follows on from the fish a few weeks ago. Well chuffed lets hope me good luck continues for the rest of the year as i would love one of the big commons to make it a memorable year.

Thanks for supplying the ultimate venue, can't see myself fishing anywhere else.




Stunning picture below of a 27lb Bradley's carp caught in July by one of our favorite anglers Glyn Everson. Glyn saw a fish roll at range and covered it resulting in this fantastic young Bradley's fish.

Geoff Simmons Watermark own fisheries Baliff catches his dream fish July 2009. This fantastic linear mirror normaly tops 39lb's however at 35lb 8oz post spawning weight has made Geoff a happy man! ! Well done Geoff!! - great angling.



Hi Adrian
Here's some pictures of two carp I caught whilst tench fishing at Bradleys. The common went 29lbs and the mirror 20lb 12oz,

Great fishery and great people!!

Oliver Brown


Hi,Here is a photo of a 32lb 12oz common i caught on the 17th june,also had a 7lb 12oz tench during the session.
Keep keep up the good work on the fishery.
Its refreshing to see a lake that is well kept and also litter free.
Alex Grey.




Bradley's 39lb 2 oz Common 9th May 2009

This is the biggest of a big list of 30lb carp caught from Bradley's in recent weeks. The lake is on fire for the bigger fish please see note from Rob below...


Please find attached a pic of 39lb 2oz Common taken from Bradley's by my buddy Steve Cottrell on the morning of 9th May 2009, our first visit to the water. (Paul the bailiff took some pics as well). Feel free to use it on the website.

Fantastic lake, keep up the good work.


Bradley's 36lb + Mirror

Bob Griffiths caught this superb 36lb + Mirror from Bradley's in April - another cracking fish for Bob - well done...

To ensure the ongoing security of our anglers you may not visit the fishery without having purchased a ticket or by calling to make an appointment to view.


36lb Mirror caught from Bradley's this morning!

Bob Griffiths has caught a 36lb mirror from Bradley's this morning 8/4/09 - well done Bob - Bradley' s continuing to fish well with multiple catches of stock fish to 18lbs..... photos to follow....


Note from Steve Renyard

Hi Adrian. A quick update for your website. Now having fished five nights on Bradley's my total amount of carp caught is 40 fish to 33.04 as attached. The carp have been caught on Richworth multiplex 18mm boilies and lots of spod comprising Hinders cheesy tuna multimix and Bait tecs chilli and normal hemp mixed with tuna oil. I will be back as soon as humanly possible in the hope of another Bradley's stunner or fish of a lifetime! cheers Steve Renyard (fish below)

Martin Wilson catches a stunning 33lb

Bradley's 36lb stunner

lt's that magic time again as Stuart Oulton demonstrates with this 36lb 6oz Common (pic below) caught from Bradley's recently. With a dry autumn forecast (fingers crossed) now is the time to wage a campaign for a superb specimen displaying autumn colours - the ultimate trophy shot!